Newport School District

Mrs. Ellen Schaeffer’s

Life Skills Support Class Rules

 567-3806 ext. 3321



Academic Courses:


wise owlReading: Groups are arranged by grade level abilities. Focus is on decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.


CalcMath: Course of study includes whole numbers, linear measurements, time, decimals, banking, fractions, and purchasing.


ClipbdEnglish: Area of interests include form and application completion, sentence writing, abbreviations, contractions, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, and paragraph writing.



                            Science: Our course of study includes weather, body systems, and hygiene.

                           Social Studies: Students are exposed to snippets of time in American and world events. Each year's focus is placed on different famous people and places of interest. 
                           Home Living: Students will learn safety rules in and outside of the home. They will learn to cook using the stove/oven and microwave. They will build wooden projects using basic houshold tools. Students will learn to use the sewing machine; creating projects to donate and keep for themselves.
                          Pre-Vocational: Students will be introduced to basic work skills using a time clock and time cards. They will perform daily jobs within the classroom and the building which will focus on following directions and sequencing of steps.