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    Regular Continuing Homework:

    Each night students are to read at least 15 minutes. They can read more than 15 minutes a night if they would like but are only required to read the 15 minutes. After reading each night a parent or guardian must sign the students calendar and specify how many minutes he or she read. Otherwise, the minutes do not count if the calendar was not signed. This month each student needs to read 450 minutes or more and read the required number of nights a week in order to earn incentive. For more information on the reading calendar, please locate the Reading Calendar page on my website.
    At this time we will be doing PSSA practice to help the kids have a better understanding of what they are going to be seeing during PSSA's. PSSA's start next week. The schedule of PSSA testing is listed below:
    Tuesday April 10th- ELA PSSA
    Wednesday April 11th- ELA PSSA
    Thursday April 12th- ELA PSSA
    Tuesday April 17th- Math PSSA
    Wednesday April 18th- Math PSSA
    Tuesday April 24th- Science PSSA
    Wednesday April 25th- Science PSSA