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    Lesson 3 "Spreading the Words"
    Comprehension and Vocabulary Test- Tuesday September 19th
    Grammar and Spelling Test- Wednesday September 20th 

    Regular Continuing Homework:
    Each night students are to read at least 15 minutes. They can read more than 15 minutes a night if they would like but are only required to read the 15 minutes. After reading each night a parent or guardian must sign the students calendar and specify how many minutes he or she read. Otherwise, the minutes do not count if the calendar was not signed. This month each student needs to read 350 minutes and read the required number of nights a week in order to earn September incentive. For more information on the reading calendar, please locate the Reading Calendar page on my website.
    Lesson 3 Vocabulary
     access- to be able to get something or use it
     isolated- seperated from everything, far away
    obtain- to get something
    remote- far away from everything
    virtual- done on a computer or online

    Lesson 3 Spelling (The number of spelling words each student has differs)( bolded words belong to students in which have 10 spelling words.)

    1. skill
    2. crime
    3. grind
    4. tonight
    5. brick
    6. flight
    7. live
    8. chill
    9. delight
    10. build
    11. ditch
    12. decide
    13. witness
    14. wind
    15. district
    16. inch
    17. sigh
    18. fright
    19. remind
    20. spilt