Point of Sale System:


    We use a point of sale system that requires students to enter their 5-digit school issued i.d.# into a keypad at the end of the lunch line.  No cash is accepted in the line.  Money is deposited into the student’s account in the morning, and purchases are debited from the balance.  The cashless line system is effective because it keeps the line moving and also avoids any possibility for students to distinguish who receives free or reduced meals from those who pay full price.
    Students in grades K-5 should give their lunch money to their homeroom teacher in the mornings. Students in grades 6 – 12 should place their lunch money in an envelope with their name, grade, I.D.#, and amount enclosed then place the envelope in the deposit box located on the dining room wall.

    To update your child's account balance online, enter the LunchTime School Payment Portal and follow the screen prompts.  A service charge of $1.00+2.3% will be charged for online transactions.

    Staff & faculty may access lunch accounts by clicking here (even though it says Parent Portal Sign in, it is still where you need to enter your information).