• Frequently Asked Questions about the LMC:




    1.  How many books may I have checked out at one time?

         3 fiction/nonfiction books 

    2.  What if I need my book longer?

        Stop in and renew it either on or before the due date to avoid late charges.


    3.  What if my library book is late?

        You will be charged 10 cents per day, per book.


    4.  What if my library book is lost or damaged?

        You will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of the book.


    5.  When can I visit the LMC?

           On school days, the LMC opens at 7:45am and closes at 3:00pm.  If you want to visit the LMC for book checkouts, research, computer use, silent reading, or individual studying, you may come during study hall times, but you must first see Mrs. Wagner for a pass during homeroom.