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    Searching Hints
    Evaluating Sites

    #1.  Search Engines


              Google *                      AllTheWeb                         Yahoo!



    How they work:

    ·        These databases are automatically created by computers.

    ·        They “crawl” or “spider” the web, and then we search through what they have found and indexed.


    How to use them:

    ·        specific keyword searching

    ·        Examples:

    1.      BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE—If you are searching for a geographical map of Arizona, type in Arizona geographical map instead of just Arizona

    2.      USE MULTIPLE SEARCH TERMS—Type in several words to narrow down your results.  Google and other search engines return results with all the terms.

    ·        *Google Help Center has lots of helpful hints for conducting effective searches.  




    #2.  Search Directories (websites are put into categories)


    Open Directory                  LookSmart                    MSN Search


    How they work:

    ·        These databases are created by humans.

    ·        Owners of websites (or review editors) write a short description of the site and submit it to the directory.


    How to use them:

    ·        general subject information searching

    ·        begin with a broad topic and narrow it down by clicking through pages




    #3.  Meta Search Engines


     Ixquick                             Metacrawler                          Vivisimo


    How they work:

    ·        These databases search many search engines at one time, and then the results are blended together onto one page.


    How to use them:

    ·        enter keywords and follow steps




    Note:  There is no right or wrong way when searching the Internet.  You must consider what your task is and then determine your best approach. 


    For more information on searching the Internet, visit http://searchenginewatch.com/



    Evaluating Sites. . .


    Make sure you choose trustworthy websites when researching for projects.


    List of items to check for on the site:

    ·        author’s name or the name of an organization

    ·        a current date

    ·        information is derived from a reputable source—government (.gov), organization (.org), educational place (.edu)

    ·        site contains a bibliography of sources


    For a complete website evaluation checklist, click here:  Evaluation Checklist




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