• College and Career Information
    College  In addition to the various print resources in the Library Media Center and in the Guidance Department, the Internet offers many websites to assist with career exploration, college selection, and financial aid.



    +This site contains information regarding College Board Tests (ex: SAT), planning for college, searching for colleges, and scholarships.  Students are able to answer a series of criteria questions in the “College Matchmaker” section to determine what colleges best suit their likes/dislikes.


    Education Planner

    +An online resource to help students and their families select a college, apply for admission, and plan to finance higher education.  Students are able to search by keyword, major, location, etc.  In the “School Search” section, students can answer a set of criteria questions to determine what colleges best suit their likes/dislikes.  Also, the “Discovering” section will enable students to narrow down career interests.  



    +The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) website offers advice and provides information for college planning, state grants, educational loans, and special programs.


    FAFSA on the Web

    +Free Application for Federal Student Aid  [Note: Since the FAFSA application requires personal information, it must be completed either at your home or the public library.]


    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    +Do you need information about careers?  This searchable, government website will provide nature of work, salaries, and job outlook for tons of careers.


    Career Voyages—Industry and Vocational

    +Geared directly toward industrial and vocational careers, this site provides descriptions and potential growth areas.



    This site has been created by Heather Shumaker.