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    The Big6 Research Process
    Developed by Michael Eisenberg and Robert Berkowitz
    Designed to help students with organizing a “plan of attack” and successfully completing a research project.


    Step 1

    Task Definition

    Define the problem.
    Identify the information needed.
    Ex: report on insects
    Ex: research what they eat and what they look like

    Step 2

    Information Seeking Strategies

    Determine all possible sources.
    Select the best sources.

    Ex: books, encyclopedias, POWER Library, Internet

    Step 3

    Location & Access

    Locate sources.
    Find information within sources.

    Ex: library, home, public library

    Step 4

    Use of Information

    Engage (read, hear, view).
    Extract relevant information.
    Ex: read through a specific chapter of a book
    Ex: take notes

    Step 5


    Organize information from multiple sources.
    Present the result.

    Ex: put together notes on what insects eat

    Ex: put together notes on what they look like
    Ex: write a paragraph for each part

    Step 6


    Judge the result (effectiveness).
    Judge the process (efficiency).
    Ex: Did I answer all parts of my required information?
    Ex: Do my paragraphs make sense?
    Work Consulted:

    Eisenberg, Michael B. and Robert E. Berkowitz. The Big6 in Secondary Schools. Worthington, Ohio: Linworth Publishing, Inc., 2000.

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