• To access online books, resources, and materials: 

    6th & 7th Grade Math **NO Password required!

    2. Scroll down to where it says “Looking for the free easy access home edition?” and click the "CLICK HERE" button.

    3. In the drop-down box where it says "Choose your Program", choose: Common Core 2014.  Click "GO".

    4. Choose your textbook: 6th grade – Green, 7th grade – Red

    **there is a dynamic app for our textbook, but you need a 12-digit key code and this is different depending on what class you are in. If you are interested, e-mail Mrs. Zaring at lzaring@newportsd.org for your code! It requires wi-fi to download initially, but after that initial download, you will have your book downloaded on your device for the whole year and you will not need wi-fi to run the app.  Plus, there are no ads in this version!  :)
    7th Grade Pre-Algebra
    1.)  www.thinkcentral.com
    2.) Choose Mathematics
    3.)  Scroll down to see our book: Holt McDougal Littell by Ron Larson  (don't choose Florida edition; it looks similar to our front cover)
    4.) ThinkCentral: Username:  lzaring10              Password: math10
    www.quizlet.com  6th Grade 
    Look for username: lzaring