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     To listen to AUDIO VERSIONS of the Unit 6 Reader, The Reformation: Shifts in Power, please click the following link to my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HXTbabOTvMsharFuF6yvIwOuITd4Drlz  ***NOTE: Your student must be LOGGED IN to their @newportsd.k12.pa.us Google account in order to view the folder. THEY KNOW THEIR USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS!***



    RESOURCES - I'll update these as I get more!

    Reading and Writing Resources

    • Quill Grammar - Sentence Writing and grammar practice! Only 10 minutes! Click HERE!
    • Funbrain - Cool Math...but for READING?! Click HERE!

    • RoomRecess - We all like recess! Here are some more fun learning games! Click HERE!


    Other Cool Resources

    • Code.org - Learn computer science...what's that? How to code websites, apps, and VIDEO GAMES! Click HERE!