Introduction to 8th Grade Science

Posted by Peggy Olson on 8/25/2015

Welcome to 8th Grade Science!
We are very fortunate to have new Interactive Science Resources from Pearson in our 8th Grade classroom.  Your student's textbook is a "write-in" addition that allows them to personalize their Science experience.  We also have new this year, a Chromebook cart in which each student has a computer assigned to use during science class.  This allows for an intregated learning approach to Science, hands on inquiry combined with an interactive digital path.
Each student is assigned a class and a login to access the digital componets of their textbook.  Assigments are posted and accessed through this program.
HOMEWORK: Homework assignments are posted on the Newport School District's website under the "Student" Tab, 8th Grade Homework. 
IMPORTANT STUDY INFORMATION:  Many new vocabulary terms will be introduced and used by the students in 8th Grade Science.  All pertinent information will be posted on the Quizlet online study aid site located at  Quizlet's flashcards, tests, and study games make learning fun and engaging for students.  Quizlet can be accessed by the school and home computer as well as apps for Apple and Android devices.
Flashcard sets created for quizzes and tests are accessed by searching "Newport8Gr"


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