8th Grade Laboratory Activities

Posted by Peggy Olson on 4/9/2017

8th Grade Chemistry Laboratory Experiments:

1.  Mystery Mixture Analysis

Students will determine what two chemicals make up the "Mystery Mixture" from among nine different possibilities.  Students will mix chemicals together with ten drops of water and observe the reactions that occur.  SAFETY GLASSES WORN ALL TIMES!

Resources from the Fossweb Site: Chemical Interactions:


Mixing Chemicals


Click on the link to virtually simulate the Mystery Mixture Analysis Lab conducted in class:  Two Substance Reactions



 2. Students will complete the following worksheets and hand in together stapled:

  1. Mystery Mixture (5 pts)
  2. White Substance Analysis (50 pts)
  3. Mystery Mixture Anaylsis (36 pts)
  4. Mystery Mixture Summary (29 pts)

Total Mystery Mixture Laboratory Point Value: 120 pts

*****5 exta bonus points for correctly identifying the two chemicals that make up the Mystery Mixture!

Mystery Mixture Laboratory Pages: Mystery Mixture Lab Sheets


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